Solange: As Above, So Below

Solange’s latest album entitled “When I get home” is a premonition triggered by the confidence gained from the success of her previous album “A Seat at The Table.” Offering up 19 vibes disguised as tracks, it is the embodiment of intuitive and creative genius. Crab-like Solange is walking sideways in her creative process, without missing a beat, providing us with an art installation that is the soundtrack to her life, past, present, and future. It should come as no surprise that she belongs to the cancer tribe. A water sign notorious for feelings, intuition and extrasensory perception, as well as being fiercely protective of their family and home.

Coincidentally, “When I get home” comes riding in on the waves of mercury going retrograde wearing the rose colored glasses of Pisces. An astrological omen that denotes a period of rich emotion, dreams, and creativity, while simultaneously forcing us to evaluate how we express ourselves artistically. It’s unclear whether the timing for this album is one of strategic mastermind or a stroke of dumb luck, but there is no denying serendipity and destiny go hand in hand for this work of art.
The retrograde and the album reflect each other by demanding we relinquish our logic and stand on the heels of our instincts. Although this foreign territory may be uncomfortable to some, Solange has managed to carve out a haven and is inviting us all to explore.

The music made here can buffer any given vibe, whether you want to run errands or clean up, get dressed and turn up, or undress and turn in. “When I come home” is strong enough to take center stage, while being somber enough to work behind the scenes. If nothing else, she actively creates an atmosphere while reminding us that some riddles can only be solved with a non-linear-non-logical equation.

There is no doubt that future youths will grow up listening to Solange on weekends, the same way we grew up listening to our parents playing Anita Baker, Kenny G, Bob Marley, and Sade. 20 years from now they will all be saying “I love Solange because that’s all my Momma and Daddy used to play.”


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